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7/28/2014 This Way Out
7/21/2014 This Way Out

An award-winning film celebrates gay seniors’ gusto; Peter and the pastor pander to gay sex paranoia; Uganda’s unending nightmare worsens, Kiev skinheads crash a gay night spot, there’s a Rocky Mountain marriage mash-up and other nuptials news from Utah, Indiana and Wisconsin, Ireland sets the date for a marriage equality referendum, a French court reunites a bi-national gay couple, and more global LGBT news.

7/14/2014 This Way Out

Mo B. Dick drags in a different direction; the U.N. equalizes spousal benefits, a U.S. federal court finds marriage equality won’t harm Kentucky heterosexuals, U.S. Supremes nix conversion and contraception, freed Zambian gays face a fuzzy future, Dorothy’s friend unveils a housing plan for homophobes, more global LGBT news; and Arrivederci, Giovanni.

7/7/2014 This Way Out

“Test” brings the AIDS dance to the big screen; Christian conniptions and kudos conflict over LGBT rites; Appealing wins advance U.S. marriage equality, Mexican Supremes okay one Baja, California gay couple’s wedding, U.S. citizens believe that ENDA already exists, a South Carolina town saves its lesbian police chief, and more LGBT news

6/30/2014 This Way Out

Modern-day directors go “Cruising” for the movie’s deleted sex scenes; Texas Republicans want to “repair” gay people; the U.N. General Assembly elects a homophobic figurehead, Malaysian trans-women are jailed, fined and shorn, Wisconsin marrieds join the legal limbo line, Pride promotes couples’ rights in Rome, Tel Aviv and Bucharest, a lesbian wins the Premier position in Ontario, and more global LGBT news.

6/23/2014 This Way Out

The adventures of trans-activist/entertainer Calpernia Addams; a backroom deal bans marriage equality in Slovakia, British consulates host same-gender nuptials, Wisconsin couples rush to wed while North Dakota’s journey begins, there’s a pleasant Pride surprise in Nicosia, Puerto Rico’s governor trusts a lesbian’s judgment, a new generation emerges in a California city’s elections, and more global LGBT news.

6/16/2014 This Way Out

A filmmaker documents the United States of Gore Vidal; “Little Monsters” and their parents “heal” and “come around”; a mob lynches a gay man in Ghana and hunts for his boyfriend, Luxembourg’s Parliament leans toward marriage equality, NOM takes on Oregon after record fines in Maine, a religiously-weakened ENDA draws U.S. activists’ fire, a Peruvian Congressman comes out, and more global LGBT news.

6/9/2014 This Way Out

Marriage equality comes to two more U.S. states, Oregon and Pennsylvania; psychology turns pink and Anderson Cooper sees red; global actions fight homophobia and trans-phobia, Africa’s first out gay black lawmaker takes office, Canada denies visas to Ugandan activists invited to a World Pride Conference in Toronto, mixed judicial signals keep married same-gender Utah couples in legal limbo, “stayin’ tuned” in Idaho and Wisconsin, and more global LGBT news.

6/2/2014 This Way Out

Hip-hop’s Angel Haze shares the “Same Love”; television celebrates a “Modern” marriage; commentator Janet Mason loves the literature of love; Brunei’s deadly penal code gets the Sultan’s blessing, Japan’s First Lady floats a message of Pride, Russian repression enters Crimea, Uganda targets “homo-promoting” NGO’s, the United Church of Christ challenges North Carolina’s equality ban, and more global LGBT news.

5/26/2014 This Way Out

The U.S. military signals an “about face” on its trans ban; Laughable lounge lizards “Mack & Poppy” provide music and mirth; “Cam and Mitch” discuss the significance of their “Modern” marriage; India’s elections keep Penal Code Section 377 in place, marriage equality inspires increased assaults in France, Gambia’s leader vows to kill fleeing gay refugees, Conchita’s victory riles Russians, more news

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