Remember Michael "The Hook" Deutsch

Michael "The Hook" Deutsch. Photo credit to Tom BoblettMichael "The Hook" Deutsch. Photo credit to Tom Boblett

KFAI was a big part of his life as was his music. Thanks to anyone that visited Mike or was a part of his work/life w/ your radio station. - The Family of Mike Deutsch

I am so sorry to hear about Mike’s passing.
Michael "The Hook" Deutsch at a blues festival in downtown MinneapolisMichael "The Hook" Deutsch at a blues festival in downtown Minneapolis
I am sending a photo of Mike that he sent to me after I attended a performance event of his. It was part of a Jazz Festival in Downtown Minneapolis. This was several years ago. He played piano in one of the hotels on Nicollet. I do not know the photographer. I just thought it was such a good photo of Mike that I wanted to share it with you. It really captures his essence.
– Karen Rosar, former Front Desk Manager

I am truly saddened by the loss of a very good friend of mine, Great Blend of Watercolors & KFAI. Da Hook was a inspiration to me and was always giving of himself in the spirit. I will miss his funny sense of humor, his weekly telephone calls, his dedication to KFAI, his music and his healing spirit.

I miss you Michael!
– Dee Henry Williams, host of “A Great Blend of Watercolors”

This is sad, indeed, It doesn't seem that long ago we had an excellent conversation, and Mike's unending energy seemed to militate against an early death.
– Andy Driscoll, host of “Truth to Tell”
Michael "The Hook" Deutsch at the piano, the one armed one hook wonder.Michael "The Hook" Deutsch at the piano, the one armed one hook wonder.

I only met Mike twice -- both times at KFAI functions. We had interesting conversation both times. I had looked forward to conversing with him again. What we had will have to do, and I am grateful for that. My sympathies to his family and friends.
– Jeremy Nichols, President, KFAI Board of Directors

Michael was a great help to me whether it was subbing for my show, or sitting with me during pledge drive even when no one was calling. He never complained. He always made the best of whatever you were doing at the time.
Thanks for all you did and rest in peace Michael. You will be truly missed.
– Sam Jasmine, host, “Disabled & Proud”

David and I are so sorry to hear about Mike's passing…As Dee (Henry Williams) says, "Cherish the good times."
– Linda Back McKay, long-time KFAI training member and supporter

I also met Mike at a KFAI function and fondly remember our conversation and his engaging personality. I had always hoped for another occasion when we could continue our chat. A lesson for us all: live and enjoy each moment with the good people around us.

My most heartfelt sympathy to Mike's family and friends. He was really one of the good guys.
– Isabel Levinson, KFAI volunteer and supporter

The Hook may be gone, but his music and memory will live on with all of his KFAI family.
– Jackson Buck, host of “Freewheelin’” and KFAI Underwriting and Marketing Director

I too am saddened by Michael's passing. Michael lived in my neighborhood and we quite often ran into each other by the river or he was playing at the Aster Cafe. We shared many hours talking about music and life.
– Dixie Treichel, host of “Fresh Fruit”

I remember when I just started volunteering at KFAI 2 years ago and this chatty guy with a "hook" introduced himself to me when I just started and was in that quiet, awkward "I-just-started-volunteering-here" stage. After speaking with him about himself, the station and our musical interests (why wouldn't we) my comfort level around the station grew dramatically. To this day when I think of KFAI, Mike’s face usually comes to mind. Also, any guy that loses a hand then teaches himself to play the piano MUST be a music junky. For those reasons I think KFAI lost some of its heart and I for one will keep Mike’s memory alive by making sure to talk plenty of music and make sure the "I-just-started-volunteering-here” guy/gal always feels welcome.
“May your dog jump on you at heaven’s door, and all your family and friends who all went before, may you say ‘hell that was fun,’ on the day you die. May you take your rest, and be satisfied.” -40 Watt Bulb.
– Justin Kirschman, KFAI News engineer

Michael "The Hook" Deutsch, ExitMichael "The Hook" Deutsch, Exit