9/19/2013 Synthwaves

Playlist Tracks: 
Betamaxx - Phoebe Cates
Album: Lost Formats; Label:
Cougar Synth - Futureshock
Album: self release; Label:
Rise From Your Grave - Arcade High
Album: Rage Soundtrack ; Label: Telefuture
FM Attack - Lost Angeles
Album: Deja Vu; Label:
Greetings Program - Hatsune Miku Packaged
Album: self release; Label:
Betamaxx - Retaliation
Album: Rage Soundtrack; Label: Telefuture
Sunglasses Kid ft Leon Monroe and Highway Superstar - Summer Nights
Album: Unpredictable; Label:
Final DJs - No More Youth
Album: No More Youth (single); Label:
Odahl - Hello Hello (Diamond Cut Remix)
Album: Hello Hello (Single); Label:
PippiLongstrump - Fear of TIgers (Diamond Cut Remix)
Album: cossus snufsigalonica; Label:
Air Date: 
September 19, 2013

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