Out of Minneapolis, Minnesota SynthWaves is a weekly web-cast featuring all new and relevant to the 80s revival synth scene.  Exclusive music and interviews with artists and other players in the new 80s synth genre.  
Your host, Noah Kaufmann aka Bennimushu has been following the scene for over 5 years and now brings you, the listener, on board for the journey.  From original New 80s composers such as Miami NIghts 1984, Mitch Murder, 80s Stallone, MPM and Palm Highway Chase to new comers Betamaxx, Sellorekt/LA Dreams, Cougar Synth, Patrick Baker, Silent Gloves, Photosynthesi and many many more,  Synthwaves is guaranteed to introduce you to some very talented original artists and sounds.  
"SynthWaves on KFAI" graphic by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
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Recent Playlists

11/21/2013 Synthwaves

Episode 7 premieres a new path for Synthwaves. The show launches by Immersing the listener in deep synth space and time for a cosmic 30 minute audioscape featuring some of the hottest artists on the synth scene including Dynatron, Starforce, D/A/D, Shio-Z and Palm Highway Chase to name a few. The second half of the show features an interview with the Synth scene legendary music producer and blog writer Playmaker ( aka Discoballistic ( Prepare for tales of Palm Highway Chase’s “Escape from New York” on vinyl, DJ sessions with 80s Stallone and near meetings with MPM in London. The show ends with a 15 minute Discoballistic mini-mix featuring a brand new instrumental of a track for an upcoming holiday compilation release called Xmas Time. It all happens NOW!

10/24/2013 Synthwaves

Episode 6 brings a Rockin new guest on for the entire show as Rick Shithouse from Co-hosts. We discuss the origins of his blog, the upcoming synthetix Halloween mixtape and the Synthwaves Wikipedia article. In adition we roll out the first installment of “Ricks Picks” a monthly feature on “Synthwaves” featuring 3 songs hand picked by the original rocker himself. Tune in for a great new episode!

10/17/2013 Synthwaves

Episode 5 features an interview with New 80s Romance artist Sunglasses Kid ( as well as a short bio and info on a upcoming album from Russian arstists, Quasars ( In addition lots of great tracks from around the New 80s synth scene inclduing 80s Stallone, Mental Minority and Saga to name a few. Hope you enjoy!

9/26/2013 Synthwaves

From Ft Lauderdale Florida I talk w RF Extreme ( He has some great stories to tell as well as a unreleased track called “Present Daze”. The show also features some great new tunes from Carpenter Brut, Betamaxx, Sellorekt, Flamingo Drive and more. Check it out as Synthwaves goes into high gear with episode 4! Enjoy!

9/19/2013 Synthwaves

Episode 3: Straight outta Pennsylvania, features an interview with Betamaxx ( and Arcade High ( The Pennsylvania based synth producers talk about whats coming up from them as well as a movie produced by Arcade High called Rage (

9/12/2013 Synthwaves

2nd episode of Synthwaves on KFAI rolls out featuring new music from FM Attack, Quasars and Sunglasses Kid! Also an interview with Nashville artist Patrick Baker ( discussing his musical background as well as some details about the hit track “So Real” he made with producer Silent Gloves. Action packed from beginning to end the show closes with a Synthwaves exclusive, the new Robots with Rayguns remix of Keith Masters’ track “Very First Time”. Enjoy!

9/5/2013 Synthwaves

The first episode features music from the new 80s synth genre as well as an artist profile and exclusive track from Photosynthesi. More info on Photosynthesi here “Synthwaves on KFAI” graphic designed by SelloRekt/LA Dreams. More on SelloRekt/LA Dreams here