1/2/2014 Splice-Free

Playlist Tracks: 
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Rev. Dwight Frizzell - O What Joy It Is To Know You Have A Turtle Heart
Album: Beyond The Black Crack; Label: Paradigm Discs
Jar Moff - Excerpt
Album: Financial Glam; Label: PAN
Günter Schickert - 7/5
Album: Kinder In Der Wildnis; Label: Bureau B
Markus Schwill - Side B (Excerpt)
Album: Heart Beat Diagram; Label: Börft
James Fulkerson - Part I: Trombone And Tape Delay System
Album: Force Fields And Spaces; Label: Etcetera
Rolf Gehlhaar & Vahakn Matossian - Sound and Space Laser Inference
Album: Live; Label: NOL
CM Von Hausswolff - Alas!
Album: 800 000 Seconds In Harar; Label: Touch
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Afternoon Penis - Love Among The Stacks
Album: Up All Night; Label: Our Mouth
Zbigniew Karkowski - Uexkull
Album: Uexkull; Label: Anckarström
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Eroc - Kleine Eva
Album: S/T; Label: Brain
Air Date: 
January 2, 2014