10/31/2013 Splice-Free

Playlist Tracks: 
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Rev. Dwight Frizzell - O What Joy It Is To Know You Have A Turtle Heart
Album: Beyond The Black Crack; Label: Paradigm Discs
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Official Warning
Album: Blood Feast / Two Thousand Maniacs!; Label: Rhino
Tobe Hooper - Grave Robbing In Texas
Album: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Label: NOL
Jandek - Down In A Mirror
Album: Chair Beside A Window; Label: Corwood
Mick Jagger - Invocation Of My Demon Brother
Album: Invocation Of My Demon Brother; Label: NOL
Ruth White - The Litanies Of Satan
Album: Flowers Of Evil; Label: Limelight / Creel Pone
Delia Derbyshire - The Legend Of Hell House
Album: The Legend Of Hell House; Label: NOL
Goblin - Suspiria
Album: Suspiria; Label: Cinevox
Dead Machines - The Last Pallbearer PT.1
Album: The Last Pallbearer; Label: Heavy Tapes
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Afternoon Penis - Love Among The Stacks
Album: Up All Night; Label: Our Mouth
Blood Stereo - The Giving Of The Grape
Album: Your Snakelike King; Label: PAN
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Album: Paranoid; Label: Vertigo
Denny Zeitlin - Main Title
Album: Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers; Label: United Artists
Mort Garson - Séance
Album: Ataraxia; Label: RCA
Bruce Haack - Invocation
Album: Haackula; Label: Omni
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady
Album: D.O.A.; Label: Industrial
Mammal - Cremation
Album: Lonesome Drifter; Label: Animal Disguise
Angels In America - II
Album: E.M.S.; Label: NOL
Fabio Frizzi - Zombie
Album: Zombie; Label: Blackest Heart
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Eroc - Kleine Eva
Album: S/T; Label: Brain
Air Date: 
October 31, 2013

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