10/3/2013 Splice-Free

Playlist Tracks: 
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Rev. Dwight Frizzell - O What Joy It Is To Know You Have A Turtle Heart
Album: Beyond The Black Crack; Label: Paradigm Discs
Yochannan With Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Message To Earthman
Album: The Sun Man Speaks; Label: Saturn Research
Rene Hell - Furniture Music
Album: Vanilla Call Option; Label: PAN
Lubomyr Melnyk - Marginal Invitation
Album: Three Solo Pieces; Label: Unseen Worlds
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Album: The Breadwinner; Label: Erstwhile
Bill Orcutt - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Album: A History Of Every One; Label: Editions Mego
Peter Zinovieff - January Tensions
Album: Cybernetic Serendipity Music; Label: ICA
Heinz Schweisz - Hunger
Album: Hunger & Liebe; Label: Geil/Ungeil
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Afternoon Penis - Love Among The Stacks
Album: Up All Night; Label: Our Mouth
Jacques Rancière - Literary Communities
Album: EGS Media and Communication Studies; Label: NOL
Evol - Harder Posher Pinker (Excerpt)
Album: Harder Posher Pinker; Label: RRS Museo Reina Sofía Radio
Silk Dune - Gassendi Halpha
Album: Comb; Label: Scumbag Relations
Jana Winderen - Drying Out In The Sun
Album: Debris; Label: Touch
Arvo Pärt - Für Alina
Album: Alina; Label: ECM
Normal Brain - M-U-S-I-C
Album: Lady Maid; Label: Vanity
Brown Recluse Alpha - Underside
Album: It's A Hard Working Keyhole; Label: Blowing Up The Workshop
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Eroc - Kleine Eva
Album: S/T; Label: Brain
Air Date: 
October 3, 2013

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