8/8/2013 Splice-Free

Playlist Tracks: 
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Rev. Dwight Frizzell - O What Joy It Is To Know You Have A Turtle Heart
Album: Beyond The Black Crack; Label: Paradigm Discs
Henry & Hazel Slaughter - Track 5
Album: Endless Power Cycle; Label: Fedora Corpse
Farewell My Concubine - Spew
Album: ; Label: NOL
Arnau Sala - Transferència
Album: Receptacles, Agitació i Meta-Sentiment; Label: Scumbag Relations
Unicorn Hard-On - Wet Pet
Album: Weird Universe; Label: Spectrum Spools
John Wiese - Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve
Album: Seven Of Wands; Label: PAN
Decayes - Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei
Album: Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei; Label: Imgrat
Nuslux - Side B Excerpt
Album: Ede Merco; Label: Scumbag Relations
Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase - Iunozmyerts In Flight (Side View)
Album: Myth Of The Golden Jackal And The Frog; Label: Birdman
Andy Kaufman - Sleep Comedy
Album: Andy And His Grandmother; Label: Drag City
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Afternoon Penis - Love Among The Stacks
Album: Up All Night; Label: Our Mouth
G.I. Gurdjieff - June 30, 1949
Album: Improvisations; Label: Mississippi
Earn - Stray
Album: Hell On Earth; Label: Ekhein / Bathetic
Work/Death - Changes Change Nothing Naturally
Album: Phone About To Ring; Label: Three Songs Of Lenin / Type
Thomas Dinger - E-605
Album: Für Mich; Label: Telefunken
MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Eroc - Kleine Eva
Album: S/T; Label: Brain
Air Date: 
August 8, 2013

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