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Cyn Collins spins rock, roots, punk, psychedelic, and garage from near and far!

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4/15/2014 Spin with Cyn
4/8/2014 Spin with Cyn
4/1/2014 Spin with Cyn

Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy of the Pop Shop hijack Spin with Cyn in an April Fool’s prank! This week it’s two hours of ’60s & ’70s pop, soft psych, power pop and a little taste of bubblegum. Like what you hear? Check out the Pop Shop every Tuesday from midnight-2am, on the archive at kfai.org, and on facebook.

3/25/2014 Spin with Cyn

Guest DJ Danny Sigelman joined me spinning several 45s, and we spun bands from Beijing (Carsick Cars, White+) in anticipation of their Minneapolis show with Flavor Crystals.

3/18/2014 Spin with Cyn

The “Guilty Pleasures and Warm Feelings” edition! Angela Behrends joined me spinning favorites in anticipation of Spring!

3/11/2014 Spin with Cyn

The International Women’s Month show! I spun numerous women artists – local and far! Plus, Joan Vorderbruggen, Hennepin Theater Trust Arts District Coordinator swung by to talk about upcoming events and art shows, and share a few favorite women artists as well!

3/4/2014 Spin with Cyn

Host extraordinaire about town, Ian Rans joined Spin with Cyn. Formerly of “Drinking with Ian” fame, Ian currently hosts The Match Game at the 331 Club, as well as various events and festivals. He brought several New Wave vinyls, in celebration of “New Wave Day” today, March 4. We also spun a few “no wave” songs to balance, such as The Wallets, James White and the Blacks and Richard Hell. And, in celebration of Fat Tuesday, we spun some New Orleans music ala James Booker and Stephanie Nilles!

2/25/2014 Spin with Cyn

DJ Dig Dug (Mattie Werner, of Treehouse Records and Party Trap at Pat’s Tap) and DJ Christian Fritz (Mpls Ltd label and DJ around town including Pat’s Tap, Bev’s Wine Bar and Bryant Lake Bowl) joined me sharing a bunch of their fave vinyls.

2/11/2014 Spin with Cyn

The Valentine’s Day edition! DJ Ryan Bouchey and I spun sordid, silly and defiant love songs in celebration of that upcoming holiday some love, some dread.

2/4/2014 Spin with Cyn
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