8/4/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentations - From Cephalopod Productions we have two more episodes of The Apotheosis Saga.  Episode 4, Where Am I?, where Bill Wright, Jr. talks to other gods about the laws of creation and the relationship between gods and their worshipers.  And Episode 5, Warshippers. The other gods understand having that kind of power, and they tremble. He looks for Nyarlathotep to ask about how to be a god.

Short Subjects - Christmas in July, from the June production of Big Fun Radio Funtime!, by Fearless Comedy Productions. Joey's fiance invites his parents over for a trial run at Christmas, in July.  And she's actually hired a couple to play his parents, just so she can see how it's going to go.

Playlist Tracks: 
Kevin Swan & Jason Cole - Episode 4, Where Am I?
Album: The Apotheosis Saga; Label: cephalopod.com
Fearless Comedy - Christmas In July
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime: 6/14/13; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Kevin Swan, Jason Cole - Episode 5, Warshippers
Album: The Apotheosis Saga; Label: cephalopod.com
Meatball Fulton - What's Your Backstory
Album: 2 Minute Film Noir; Label: zbs.org
Air Date: 
August 4, 2013

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