7/21/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentations - Tonight we have a pair of romances.  They take place in different times and places, and they approach relationships from different directions entirely. 

Two If By Sea - Julie Hoverson's story of a woman on board a ship in the early part of the last century, and she's not who she claims to be, but then, who is?  From 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

September, September - Written by Brian Price, and directed by Robin Miles.  Performed at the 2012 National Audio Theatre Festivals Workshop, in West Plains, MO.  You've heard of a May-December relationship?  Well this one is between a pair more evenly matched, though some may not think so.

Playlist Tracks: 
Julie Hoverson - Two If By Sea
Album: 19 Nocturne Boulevard; Label: 19nocturneboulevard.com
Brian Price - September, September
Album: NATF Workshop 2012; Label: natf.org
Air Date: 
July 21, 2013

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