5/20/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - From 19 Nocturne Boulevard we have Ghost of a Chance, a girl doesn't want to get hauled off to Child Services just because her father is dead.  Besides, he's still around, and so are her grandparents.  They're dead, too.  She has a few years before she can claim her Trust Fund, so she hires a guy to play her father when the authorities come avisiting.  Written and produced by Julie Hoverson. 

Selected Shorts - The troup with the wonderful name of Curious Echo sends us one episode of Frank Gadsden: Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future.  This one is The Ship That Sued.  Produced by Alan Gutierrez.  More episodes on their website and podcast. 

NOTE:  The station had a power failure the night these were broadcast, and the computers that do streaming and archives had to be shut down to help keep the station on the air.  So there's probably no archive of this show.  Sorry about that.  Circumstances beyond our control.  You'll just have to go to the websites linked above and listen from the source.  But we want you to be doing that anyway. 

Playlist Tracks: 
Julie Hoverson - Ghost of a Chance
Album: 19 Nocturne Boulevard; Label: 19nocturneboulevard.net
Alan Guitierrez - The Ship That Sued
Album: Frank Gadsden: Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future; Label: curiousecho.org
Air Date: 
May 20, 2012

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