5/7/2012 Sonic Pleasure


Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox; Label: Mai-Tai
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul
Album: Dial A Song; Label: Elektra/Rhino
REM - Old Man Kensey
Album: Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary; Label: IRS/Capitol
The Ramblin Ambassadors - Camino Real
Album: Vista Cruiser Country Squire; Label: Mint
Blur - She's So High
Album: Leisure; Label: SBK
*The Melismatics - Smoke And Mirrors
Album: Mania!; Label: Pravda
Muck And The Mires - Crush On Me
Album: Hypnotic; Label: Dirty Water
The Junior Mansion Slags - The Way You Touch My Hand
Album: Plastic Smile; Label: Blip Vert
Dee Rangers - Gonna Take You Out
Album: Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday; Label: Misty Lane
The Maggots - King Of The Freaks
Album: Monkey Time; Label: Wicked Cool
The Asteroid #4 - Apple Street
Album: King Richard's Collectibles; Label: Rainbow Quartz
The Myrrors - Burning Circles In The Sky
Album: Burning Circles In The Sky; Label: SDR
Mars Red Sky - Sadaba
Album: Curse-Sadaba; Label: Emergence
Comets On Fire - The Bee And The Cracking Egg
Album: Blue Cathedral; Label: Sub Pop
Death By Chocolate - Bentley Corniche
Album: Zap The World; Label: Jetset
Death By Chocolate - Cut Out Girl Scout
Album: Zap The World; Label: Jetset
Vanity Fare - Hitchin' A Ride
Album: Hitchin' A Ride; Label: Page One
Cosmic Vishnu - Iron Ships On The Silver Sea
Album: Colossus Mountain; Label: Sonic Infusion
The Machine - Caterpillar's Mushroom
Album: Solar Corona; Label: Nasoni
Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
Album: Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set; Label: MCA
The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow
Album: Their Satanic Majesties Request; Label: Abkco
The Viceroys - That Sound
Album: The Viceroys At Granny's Pad; Label: Seafair Bolo
Myrchents - Indefinite Inhibition
Album: Indefinite Inhibition-All Around You; Label: Musicol
Peter And The Silhouettes - Claudette Jones
Album: It's A Kave In; Label: Kavern 7
The IV Pack - Whatzit?
Album: Signed D.C.; Label: Satan
Planned Obsolescence - Still In Love With You Baby
Album: Still In Love With You Baby -Exit Sticky Icky; Label: Jet-Set
Todds - I Want Her Back
Album: I Want Her Back-Things Will Change; Label: Toddle Town
The Tikis - Show You Love
Album: Show You Love-Careful What You Say; Label: Fujimo
The Third Booth - I Need Love (Sound Inc)
Album: Sound Inc (I Need Love)-Mysteries; Label: Thunder
The Soothsayers - Black Nor Blue
Album: Do You Need Me? -Black Nor Blue; Label: Acropolis
Apollo's Apaches - Why Tolerate
Album: Cry Me A Lie-Why Tolerate; Label: Anybody's Records
The Malemen - My Little Girl
Album: My Little Girl-She Means The World For Me; Label: Pine Hill
The Mysterions - My Little Girl
Album: My Little Girl; Label: Raven
The Thomas Group - Then It Begins
Album: Then It Begins; Label: Dunhill
The Burgundy Runn - Stop!
Album: Stop!-How Far Is Down; Label: Lavette
The Weejuns - Way Down
Album: Way Down; Label: Skoop
Pinocchio And His Puppets - Fusion
Album: Fusion; Label: Mercury
The Powers Of Blue - You Blow My Mind
Album: Cool Jerk-You Blow My Mind; Label: MTA
Cucumber - Under
Album: Under-Don't Make Me Cry; Label: Cobblestone
Oxford Circle - Mind Destruction
Album: Foolish Woman-Mind Destruction; Label: World United
The Collectors - The Beginning
Album: I Must Have Been Blind-The Beginning; Label: London
The Byrds - We'll Meet Again
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
The Byrds - You And Me
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
May 7, 2012