6/24/2012 Songs of Praise


Songs of Praise is a Gospel Music Program that mixes the old with the new. Traditional as well as local gospel artist are asked to submit their music for air play. This is a show that is here for every gospel or inspirational music artist who will take the steps necessary to get their music onto the world's airwaves.

Playlist Tracks: 
The Barnes Family - Roughside of the mountain
Album: Precious Memories ; Label: Malaco
The Sensational Nightingales - Lifting up his name
Album: God's word in Song; Label: Malaco
The Jackson Southernaires - What would happen if he came today
Album: Traditional Gospel; Label: Savoy
Evelyn K Willingham - stand and praise the Lord
Album: wounded children ye are healed; Label: Fo-real
Candi Staton - God's got it
Album: Classic Candi; Label: Vision
Melvin Williams - Another blessing
Album: Crazy like love; Label: Blackberry
Gerald Harris - God is all I'll ever need
Album: Latter Rain; Label: Tate Music Group
The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Old time religion
Album: Jesus is my Savior; Label: Fuel
The Williams Brothers - Jesus will never say no
Album: Great Gospel groups; Label: Peacock
Rev Al Green - Everything gonna be allright
Album: Oh happy days; Label: Universal
Leomia Boyd - no failure
Album: on time; Label: Low Rush
Margaret Allison - Home in the rock
Album: Home in the rock; Label: Malaco
The Texas Boys - blessed be the name
Album: Songs Mama used to sing; Label: Blackberry
Inez Andrews - If trouble don't come today
Album: In the Spirit; Label: Universal
Sammy Mayfield - The happy Birthday songs
Album: Blues by the Buschel; Label: OPM
Neal Roberson - Down through the years
Album: Songs Mama used to sing; Label: Blackberry
Leomia Boyd - Four days late
Album: On time; Label: Low Rush
Eddie Ruth Bradford - Too Close to the mirror
Album: too close to the mirror; Label: Juana
Minister Thomas bady - Everyday
Album: I thank God Independent; Label: Independent
Lee Roy Hawkins - Winning combination
Album: god is not through with you yet; Label: Angel beach
Kelli Rae - For my brother
Album: Kellirae; Label: J sound
Minister CL Johnson - Havin church
Album: Favor; Label: True Sound
The Fantastic friendly Six - Thank You
Album: The Book; Label: Black Label
Air Date: 
June 24, 2012

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