On Hiatus!

Shockwave Radio Theater will continue on the web as podcasts and streaming audio as we mine 28 years of archived shows and produce new shows with interviews and weird music.

Hosted by Baron Dave Romm and Brian Westley.

Podcasts of recent shows, audio archives, photographs, scripts and more: Shockwave Radio Theater

Recent Playlists

6/30/2007 Shockwave

Leaving Ghosts

6/23/2007 Shockwave

The 2007 Minnesota Fringe Festival is closing in, and our guest is Executive Director Robin Gillette.

6/16/2007 Shockwave

On the longest day of the year — the shortest night — who are the real victims? That’s right… vampires.

6/9/2007 Shockwave

June 2007 is Internet Safety Month. Why?

6/2/2007 Shockwave
5/26/2007 Shockwave

Food Wars Chapter IV: A New Cook. Our 1980 production played to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.

5/19/2007 Shockwave

The death of Jerry Falwell noted, his life examined.

5/12/2007 Shockwave

A few songs reflecting on the conservative news media.

5/5/2007 Shockwave

Space songs for Wally Schirra.

4/28/2007 Shockwave

Memorial show for Shockwave Rider Doug Friauf, who passed away April 25, 2007.

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