Root Of All Evil

Listen Live from 1:00am - 6am 5 hours every week Saturday night-Sunday morn at KFAI Radio 90.3 FM - 106.7 FM - Minneapolis / St. Paul and streaming live to the world online at 

The Root Of All Evil Radio show is a deep cut weekly metal show founded and forged by our metal brother Earl Root (R.I.P.) in the spring of 1987 and is the longest continuous running Independent Metal radio show in the world! still going strong into our 27th year!

Heavily chained in place by 
John Allen (Resident knob twister and air freshener)


Recent Playlists

7/6/2014 Root Of All Evil

Vermin brings Jimmy and Dusty to join us in the studio after his WAR//PLAGUE show.

6/29/2014 Root Of All Evil
6/22/2014 Root Of All Evil

Doctor Beast takes the keys to the Evilmobile for the night. This gets you lots of beast references, from old school Iron Maiden to newer death and folk metal.

6/15/2014 Root Of All Evil

It was a dark and stormy night … and The Root of All Evil is here to tell you about it with a show full of storm-themed music.

6/8/2014 Root Of All Evil

The Root of All Evil crew gets even sillier than usual as Bridgetroll drops in to keep us company.

6/1/2014 Root Of All Evil

In the midst of an all-night thunderstorm, we drag Suffering Hour into the studio to chat about their new EP and help us recap the Maryland Death Fest.

5/25/2014 Root Of All Evil

We raise a toast to the late great Earl Root. JimZilla drops in at the studio with his archive of Root of All Evil collections.

5/18/2014 Root Of All Evil
5/11/2014 Root Of All Evil

This week we see both V-E Day and Mother's Day. The Root of All Evil pours some hate on fascists and some love on Mom.

5/4/2014 Root Of All Evil

Here at The Root of All Evil we're really excited about PaganFest Sunday night.

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