7/18/13 Rocket Ship Ska Trip


7/18 in a nutshell…

From The Skatalites’ “Ball of Fire” to the “Ganja Plant” fueling the voyages of Minister of Science and Space Exploration Prince Buster (and he made it all the way to Mars!) to an appearance by Don (“Cosmic”) Drummond himself, this is the RSST “Space Month” tribute show we really wanted to pull off last week! We had a “Moon Invader”, some “Ghost Riders” and even some “Stardust”! Heck,Roy Richards even makes “Contact”! And wait’ll you hear what Sherwood has in store… The Pleiades, Venus, and Shiina Ringo’s “Carnation” turn up. And “Carnations” have exactly what to do with space? Here’s a friendly reminder from our 12/8/11 playlist…

Shiina Ringo: Carnation (ft. Saito Neko’s Orchestra & a cameo by Tokyo Jihen) (3:10) / pv & cd single [Toshiba/EMI] – The twin career paths of Shiina Ringo begin to merge… and I am properly gassed! Jihen beaming in, as if from the Enterprise transporter room, onto the stage set and immediately joining in the lush symphonic arrangement… has JJ Abrams seen this??? (seeing as he’s currently in charge of the Trek franchise… ) …THIS!!! …is why Sherwood’s Planet ♥♥♥♥s SR.” Sherwood neglected to mention that Neko’s entire orchestra beam into the Maestro’s presence, at the signal of his baton, on the same spacey stage set even as they begin performing the music. Vanished from US-accessible YouTube last I checked, but try something called wat.tv… Meanwhile, in the Home Stretch (kicked off by Maria Visconti’s take on the ole “Lollipop”)… the late, legendaryMoon Ska Records (how appropriate!) make up the 5@5:05 with tracks by Chris Murray backed by The Secondhands and covering The Toasters, Buford O’Sullivan (on Moon subsidiary Ska Satellite), Laurel Aitken backed by The Skatalites, Skavoovee & the Epitones, The Toasters themselves,Let’s Go Bowling… you get the picture! The Liptones do their actual tune called “Moon Ska”, One Groovy Coconut (Ska Satellite again!) contribute the Star Wars-inspired instro “Millenium Falcon”, The Cat Empire (hope you caught their Cedar show, they’re amazing!) do “Prophets in the Sky” from their new one Steal the Light, and fellow Melbourners the Melbourne Ska Orchestra reprise “He’s A Tripper”. Now that’s celebrating the RSST-designated “Space Month” in high style! Tune in… and stay tuned!

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy McCook with Baba Brooks Band - Rocket Ship (2:39)
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
The Skatalites - Ball of Fire (3:06)
Album: v.a. Strictly for You; Label: Studio 1
Derrick Morgan - Leave Earth (2:31)
Album: 45; Label: Blue Beat
Prince Buster - Ganja Plant (3:28)
Album: 45; Label: FAB
Prince Buster's All Stars - A Trip to Mars (3:12)
Album: 45; Label: Prince Buster/Voice of the People
Colonel Elliott & the Lunatics - Cosmic Bust (2:49)
Album: Interstellar Reggae Drive; Label: Trojan
Soul Bros. - Hot Shot (2:45)
Album: Hot Shot; Label: Studio 1
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Flying Frog Foo! (4:42)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Johnny "Dizzy" Moore - South China Sea (3:10)
Album: 45; Label: Top Deck
Prince Buster - Let Her Go a.k.a. Moonwalk (2:44)
Album: 45; Label: FAB
Winston Wright - Moon Invader (2:50)
Album: v.a. From Boogie to Nyabinghi; Label: Treasure Isle
Eric "Monty" Morris - Children of Today (2:43)
Album: 45; Label: Island
Carlos Malcolm - Ghost Riders (3:12)
Album: 45; Label: Up Beat
Jamaica's Own Vagabonds - Stardust (2:21)
Album: Ska Time; Label: Decca
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Landing on the Moon (3:06)
Album: sdtk. Space Patrol Orion; Label: BSM
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Jungles of the Galaxy (6:19)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Don Drummond - Don Cosmic (2:33)
Album: v.a. Ska Bonanza; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
Roy Richards - Maureen (2:38)
Album: 45; Label: Doctor Bird
Roy Richards - Contact (2:25)
Album: 45; Label: Doctor Bird
Cecil Lloyd - That Old Black Magic (3:23)
Album: Dynamic Dance Rhythms by...; Label: Tower Hill
Clue J & the Blues Blasters - The Slider (2:21)
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
Audley Williams/Ernest Ranglin/Granville Williams Orchestra - Hush Puppy (2:03)
Album: 45; Label: GWO
The Movers - Jo-Ann (2:08)
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
Tommy McCook & the Skatalites - A Little Bit of Heaven (2:31)
Album: Tribute to Tommy; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
Don Drummond - Addis Ababa (3:17)
Album: In Memory of...; Label: Studio 1
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Sherwood's Planet (3:01)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Hal Blaine - Tune In - Turn On (July) (2:14)
Album: Psychedelic Percussion; Label: Dunhill/Harkit
YMCK - Pleiades (3:34)
Album: Family Genesis; Label: Avex
The Ventures - Genesis (2:50)
Album: 45; Label: Dolton
Alexander Courage - (2nd season mt) Lost in Space (1:02)
Album: sdtk. Lost in Space vol. 2; Label: GNP/Crescendo
Jackie Allen - So Many Stars (5:47)
Album: Starry Night; Label: Avant Bass
Jackie Allen - Moon of Deception (4:10)
Album: Starry Night; Label: Avant Bass
Perrey/Kingsley - Cosmic Ballad (3:25)
Album: The Essential...; Label: Vanguard
Mutant Frogs - That was Now, This is Then (4:08)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Rocket Motors - Marswalk (2:43)
Album: Back to the Moon; Label: s-r
Lyle "Spud" Murphy - Orbit (1:56)
Album: New Orbits in Sound; Label: GNP/Crescendo
Modern Jazz Quartet - Visitor from Venus (5:40)
Album: Space; Label: Apple
Perrey/Kingsley - The Girl from Venus (2:21)
Album: The Essential...; Label: Vanguard
Modern Jazz Quartet - Visitor from Mars (7:18)
Album: Space; Label: Apple
Perrey/Kingsley - The Little Man from Mars (2:26)
Album: The Essential...; Label: Vanguard
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Interstellar Teakettle (3:41)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - The Eye of Cyclophibius (4:41)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Shiina Ringo - Carnation (ft. Saito Neko, orchestra, and Tokyo Jihen) (3:10)
Album: cd single; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Traveling (5:29)
Album: Astral Traveling; Label: bluebird
Elliott Caine Quintet - Blues from Mars (7:13)
Album: Blues from Mars; Label: Rhombus
Russ Garcia & his Orchestra - Venus (3:46)
Album: Fantastica; Label: Liberty/Basta
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - One for Freetime (3:08)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Maria Visconti - My Boy Lollipop (2:06)
Album: (tv sdtk.) Krøniken; Label: ArtPeople
Jazz Jamaica All Stars - Ball of Fire (7:50)
Album: Massive; Label: Dune
Ernest Ranglin - Ball of Fire (6:06)
Album: below the bassline; Label: Island Jamaica Jazz
Chris Murray with The Secondhands - Thrill Me Up (Astrosmash Dub) (3:11)
Album: v.a. love and affection - ska in the key of love; Label: Moon Ska
Buford O'Sullivan - The Night Sky's Turning Blue (3:13)
Album: the club of hopes and fears; Label: Ska Satellite
Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites - Come Down (4:00)
Album: Ska Titans - The Godfather vs. the Founding Fathers; Label: Moon Ska
Skavoovie & the Epitones - Frog Spirit (2:50)
Album: Ripe; Label: Moon Ska
The Toasters - Underground Town (3:32)
Album: v.a. Ska United - A Global Ska Sampler; Label: Moon Ska
Let's Go Bowling - Riptide 28 (3:12)
Album: Mr. Twist; Label: Moon Ska
The Skalars - Change Up (3:48)
Album: Change Up; Label: Moon Ska
The Liptones - Moon Ska (3:58)
Album: In English; Label: AMTY/808
The Liptones - A Better End (3:13)
Album: In English; Label: AMTY/808
One Groovy Coconut - Millenium Falcon (2:40)
Album: More Like This Than That; Label: Ska Satellite
The Skatalites - Sky Rocket (4:30)
Album: Bashaka; Label: Marston
*The Cat Empire - Prophets in the Sky (3:47)
Album: Steal the Light; Label: Two Shoes/Fontana
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - He's a Tripper (3:17)
Album: s-t; Label: Four|Four
Pressure Cooker - Space: 1999 (2:15)
Album: I Want to Tel You; Label: pressurecooker.net
Moon Hop - Back from Tokyo (4:33)
Album: Rockets to New Highs; Label: Banana Juice
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - (excerpt) Perception (1:33)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(non-Froggie bumper) SKAndalous All Stars - The End (3:03)
Album: Age of Insects; Label: Shanachie
Air Date: 
July 18, 2013

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