Radio Pocho

Radio Pocho is showcase of many musical influences (Bachata, Cumbia, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Merengue, Reggae, Rock, Salsa, Samba, Soul, Funk, House, Disco, Ranchera, Bolero, Reggaeton, Chicano/Tejano). True to the show's name, Radio Pocho is a program that navigates borders and music and more than just a show we want RP to be an experience.

Hosted by Miguel Vargas, and featuring the electic range of music selections from Rudy Aguilar, Brandon Allday, Idalia Robles y Reina Rodriguez, Danny Topete, Terrell LaMarr, and many other guest DJs of the Twin Cities area, including Veronica G Ochoa, Jesse Villobos, Rambo Salinas, DJ Espada, Rudy Avina, Los Boogie, Maetzin Saenz, Estefania Alvarez-Zumarraga, Claudia Moreno, Erica Bagaason, Juan Rangel, Rico Simon Mendez, King Otto, Tarik Thornton, amongst others. 

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A WorldwideDiscotheque Mpls Affair! Tonight we are featuring Dan McAllister (DJ Steely) from Kinda Cloudy Radio, and RP’s very own Daniel Topete who will also spin at Worldwide Discotheque meets Radio Pocho! Fri May 9 at Clubhouse Jäger. Nothing but but afro-tropical-latin-funk on vinyl.