KFAI Program Committee

To apply to be a program committee member, fill out the nomination form or visit the elections page.


Program Committee Meetings and Contact Information

The next meeting of the KFAI Program Committee is Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 6:30pm at KFAI's Office in Studio 5. Meetings are open to the public. KFAI is located at 1808 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

To contatct the Program Committee, email them at their general address, kfaipc@gmail.com

KFAI Programmer Handbook

The KFAI Programmer Handbook outlines the roles, responsibilities, and rules for all organization members involved in KFAI programming. An update for this handbook is pending. 

Applying for a Program
The process by which a program goes from concept to the air is described in the KFAI Programmer Handbook. A key step is to complete a program abstract (application) and submit the abstract and a demo for your program to the Program Director. The Sample Program Abstract (Word file download)  has tips for filling out the application; contact the KFAI Program Director if you have questions not answered in the abstract form. 
Program Committee Description

The Program Committee is responsible for ensuring that KFAI’s mission is reflected in its programming. The Program Committee (full description) currently has 11 appointed or elected members, including KFAI's Program Director and representatives of the volunteer and listener communities. The elections process are undergoing change throughout 2014; please visit the KFAI Elections page for the latest details on Program Committee elections

Program Committee Members


George Shannon – Vice President of Programming, Board of Directors

Program Director

Miguel Vargas

Volunteer-elected members

Kathy Mouacheupao – 2013-2014

Ron Thums – 2013-2014

Liz Olds – 2014-2015

Listener-elected members

Shea Peeples – 2013-2014

Steve Wilson – 2014-2015

Program Director-appointed members

Aisha Gomez (Listener) - 2014

Susan Gray (Volunteer) - 2014

Danielle Mkali (Independent Counsel) - 2014

Board-appointed members

Samuel Tekleab - 2014

Barbara "Blanche" Sibley - 2014

A note on term lengths: Listener- and Volunteer-elected members serve two-year terms. Program Director- and Board-appointed members serve one-year terms. Program Committee members are term-limited and can serve only two terms consecutively.

Meeting Materials and Minutes

October 2014 Agenda here

October 2014 Minutes here

September 30, 2014 Agenda here

September 30, 2014 Minutes here

September 2014 Agenda here

September 2014 Minutes here

August 2014 Agenda here

August 2014 Minutes here

July 2014 Agenda here

July 2014 Minutes here

June 2014 Agenda here

June 2014 Minutes here

May 2014 Agenda here

May 2014 Minutes here

No April 2014 meeting.

March 2014 Agenda here

February 2014 Agenda here

February 2014 Minutes here

January 2014 Agenda here

January 2014 Minutes here

December 2013 Agenda here

December 2013 Minutes here

November 2013 Agenda here

November 2013 Minutes here

No October 2013 Meeting

September 2013 Agenda here

September 2013 Minutes here

August 2013 Agenda here

August 2013 Minutes here

July 2013 Agenda here

July 2013 Minutes here

June 2013 Agenda here

June 2013 Minutes here

May 2013 Agenda here

May 2013 Minutes here

No April 2013 Meeting

March 2013 Agenda here

March 2013 Minutes here

February 2013 Agenda here

February 2013 Minutes here

January 2013 Agenda here

January 2013 MInutes here

December 2012 Agenda here

December 2012 Minutes here

November 2012 Meeting Agenda here

November 2012 Meeting Minutes here

October 2012 Meeting Agenda here

October 2012 Meeting Minutes here

September 2012 Meeting Agenda here

September 2012 Meeting Minutes here

August 2012 Meeting Agenda here

August 2012 Meeting Minutes here

July 31 2012 Meeting Minutes here

July 19 2012 Meeting Minutes here

July 2012 Meeting Agenda here

July 2012 Meeeting Minutes here

June 2012 Meeting Agenda here

June 2012 Meeting Minutes here

May 2012 Meeting Agenda here

May 2012 Meeting Minutes here

April 2012 Meeting Minutes here

March 2012 Meeting Agenda here

March 2012 Meeting Minutes here

February 2012 Meeting Agenda here

February 2012 Meeting Minutes here

January 2012 Agenda

January 2012 Minutes

December 2011 Minutes

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