It’s a Worldwide DUB Affair Baby!

Join Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss (aka Capt. 2much FreeTime) in the Echo Chamber your worldwide dub club.

Dig Up The Roots

Cyn Collins now hosts the show.

Pam Without Boundaries

Pam Without Boundaries, hosted by Pam, features an eclectic blend of singer-songwriters, rock bands, world music, and electronic beats alongside exclusive features such as:

  • 10:15am highlights of this week’s new releases: you’ll go to the record store in-the-know for what’s coming out Tuesday!
  • 10:30am we’re often joined by local, national or international musicians for music and some chat.
  • 11am weekday concert calendar, because, face it, some weeks, you need live music to get you through it. You will also find a concert calendar at this time on Tuesdays and Thursdays on KFAI!
  • 11:30am it’s the Roe Family Radio Roundup: a little review of classic traditionals and new originals in a timely way by your friends, the Roe Family Singers, from the comforts of Studio 5.
  • Just before noon it’s the Featured Festival: a couple of songs from an upcoming festival or benefit I want to be sure you know about.

We look forward to getting your music week started right on KFAI, Radio Without Boundaries.​

Good Noise

Hosted by Roger Purdy and Dale Loomer

Your weekend ends here!

Every Monday morning, when it’s time to get back into your regular workweek routine, tune into Good Noise — let Roger and Dale get you up and moving in the right direction!

Good Noise is an eclectic mix of music: folk, country, rock, pop, lounge, and all kinds of music gathered from all corners of the world — Albania to Z


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