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Century Song
Sunday 9:00 - 11:00 AM
Hosted by Dan Rein

Century Song...a round trip whirlwind radio journey through the world of traditional music.

Cyn Collins now hosts the show.

_*It's a Worldwide DUB Affair Baby!*_

Join "Dr. StrangeDub": and DJ Baby Swiss (aka "Capt. 2much FreeTime": in the Echo Chamber your worldwide dub club.

*Freewheelin' with Jackson Buck - Every Wednesday afternoon (2:00-4:00).*

Jackson Buck has returned to Wednesday afternoons (2:00-4:00) on KFAI with his roots show Freewheelin'.

Every Friday morning, Blanche presents an overwhelmingly appealing blend of funk, jazz and modern and ancient music with spiritual roots from around the world.

Good and country, ken hippler
We proudly feature traditional, classic, out of print and vintage country music-much of it not heard ANYWHERE else. We are also happy to present music from contemporary and emerging traditional country music artists and some local music as well. Please feel free to email your requests, comments and questions to Also, like us on Facebook. Image courtesy of

*Hosted by Roger Purdy and Dale Loomer*

*Your weekend ends here!*

Every Monday morning, when it's time to get back into your regular workweek routine, tune into Good Noise -- let Roger and Dale get you up and moving in the right direction!

Good Noise is an eclectic mix of music: folk, country, rock, pop, lounge, and all kinds of music gathered from all corners of the world -- Albania to Z