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Disabled and Proud

DISABLED AND PROUD is the radio show that brings you insights into, ideas about and discussions of disability culture. Disabled and Proud is hosted each week by Sam.

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Catalyst: Politics and Culture

FRIDAYS,  9 AM, Minneapolis writer/activst Lydia Howell explores political issues, the arts, and activism with interviews and special features. She won the PREMACK AWARD FOR PUBLIC INTEREST JOURNALISM for her investigative reporting on homelessness in (the now defunct) PULSE Newspaper.

Health Notes

Health Notes: From the Heart of a Natural Woman provides a forum to share pertinent and timely health topics on nutritional, mental, emotional, spiritual and political health topics.

Health Notes addresses all aspects of health in our community.

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Write On! Radio

Tuesday July 22nd, we speak with Mark Munger about his new book, Sukulaiset: The Kindred, follow-up to Suomalaiset: People of the Marsh. He is a district court judge and the author of a number of books, including Mr. Environment: The Willard Munger Story.


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