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Spotlight: DEEP Cuts!! 10 songs plus 9 NEW plus 2 Artist debuts equals 1 great show! AND some more “COLOR!”

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Jackson Buck, host of KFAI's Freewheelin' (2:00-4:00 Wednesdays) sat in for Rose this afternoon.

Andy Streesick Will be in the studeo talking about the changes that will be happening with Metromobility, the twin cities paratransit for people with disabilities.  Do you want to have a say?  Listen in on how you can make a difference.


Host: Dixie Treichel with Guest: William E. Burleson


William E. Burleson, author, activist

Tales of Block E (2017), book release party May 30 at the Nicollet Diner back room in Minneapolis

This program celebrates Cinco de Mayo: A full hour of Mexican traditional songs and a full hour of folk-inspired pieces by Mexican composers in the classical tradition.

Nothing but a bunch of tunes on this episode of the Pop Shop!

Exhume to Consume!!

Kristina's still busy "movin' on" (thanks to the help of her flamenco friends), so she's puttin up another great show from the archives, dated May 5, 2016, featuring alegrías and part of an interview with Jesus Muñoz, Mr. Alegría himself!

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