January 2017 Archives

Big Trouble House founding members, Phil Harder and Derek Hoppe joined, spinning their music, collaborations and favorite artists. They shared stories about their band, Harder's music videos and filmmaking and more! We also spun artists who have passed in 2017.

Judie Tzuke – Welcome To The Cruise/Sukirita

Sugarhill Gang – Bad News Don't Bother Me

Grover Washington Jr – Let It Flow (For Dr. J)

Bobby Caldwell – Coming Down For Love

Johnny Mathis – Simple

China Crisis – Bigger Than The Punch I'm Feeling

Atlantic Starr – Love Me Down

Herb Alpert – Kalima

Jerry Corbetta – Caribbean Lady

Forbes – What Do You Mean?

Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb – Guilty *

Frank Bleu – Who's Foolin' Who

Franke & The Knockouts – Sweetheart

On "Conversations with Al McFarlane" today's guests discussed the importnace of community involvement in politics. State Representative Rena Moran emphasized on the importance of community members in the decision making process. She stated that in her political involvement, she has found out that people refrain from political involvement but that trend needs to be dicontinued because politics affects every aspect of people's lives. Also a guest on the show was author Mary Whitney, who has written three books of suffering and recovering from child sexual abuse trauma.