March 2017 Archives

"What time is it?" asks the prank caller to the Regular Guy, who responds crankily, "S'two o'clock in the morning_ that's no time to call… bye!" Funny, that's exactly the time ATB begins, and I, DJ Weston East, couldn't resist beginning my fill-in with the Ken Nordine classic this week. Hmmm… wonder if that "Regular Liver" still has his gig in Washington, going on-mic and saying, "Beeep!

Retired COL. ANN WRIGHT was a career military officer in the Army and Army Reserves for 29 years. In 1987 she became a diplot with the U.S> State Dept. She resigned in 2003 in protest of the U.S. war on Iraq, becoming a peace activist. Hear her thoughts on Trump's 10% raise to the already bloated $650 Billion military budget, Russia, Syria and other current foreign policy issues.

Eric features Cajun Country Revival, Feufollet, and other bands playing in our area.

This week, Bihi's guest is Abdifatah Farah, aka Abdi Phenomenal, a writer and spoken word artist.  

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