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7/17/2014 Heart of the City Radio

DOUBLE PLAY THURSDAY!! Get an extra dose of Sara Renner, Heart of the City Latino music and a “Daddy God” double play with Lauren Becker and Heartsong! Plus: Revosiete, Wynand Hansen and Ryan Daniel & The Spirit of David! FREE Spanish lesson included!

7/17/2014 Blueslady's Time Machine
7/17/2014 The Rockhouse
7/17/2014 Disabled and Proud
7/17/2014 Fresh Fruit

Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

14th Annual Queer Fringe Binge: A menagerie of guests from the Minnesota Fringe Festival
Guests: Matt Briggs, Catherine Johnson Justice, Allegra J Lingo, Anders Norheim Mattson, Ryan Patrick, Patrick Perry, Joseph Stodola, Lisa Vogel, Mic Weinblatt

7/17/2014 Encuentro

This program presents the second and last part of our exploration of “Son cubano” (a full hour of “Sones montunos”), music from Ecuador and some of the new (and not so new) voices of Fado.

Play List

7/17/2014 Kinda Cloudy Radio
7/18/2014 Voice Cried Softly

Mr. Twitchypants!!

7/18/2014 Across The Board
7/18/2014 The Morning Blend