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7.17.14 BELOWtheWASTE

Strung together with tape

7/16/2014 Live From Studio 5!-Click "Episode Details" to hear The Eclectic Ensemble on our FOREVER archives.

7/17/2014 In Your Ear
7/17/2014 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The RSST Nutshell – 7/17/14

Space Month,week 3, and we cut straight to the Home Stretch in this week’s Nutshell. By way of celebrating the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk (a.k.a. One Giant Leap for Mankind, and yeah, the Apollonauts even beat MJ to the Moon!) we took up most of the Stretch with an extended salute to… Moon Ska Records! Of course, we threw in non-Moon artists The Liptones’ actual song “Moon Ska,” but for the most part we stuck strictly to Moon (and subsidiary Ska Satellite) Records, complete with the ’97 edition of The Supersonics’ salute to The Toasters, followed up by the actual band of the same name led by Moon Ska founder Rob “Bucket” Hingley. Working back through Sherwood’s Planet, everybody from Raymond Scott to Chuck Sagle to Ferrante & Teicher to Lydia Lunch had the Moon on their minds. The Ooh got a wee bit on the bit-of-imagination-required, “tangential” side, with titles like “Thunderball” (The Soul Bros.’ tribute to the Bond flick about 007’s bid to stop a plot to destroy Miami Beach with two stolen nuclear warheads) “Miss Universe” (following Jimmy Cliff’s other “Miss” title, “ …Jamaica”) and “Pound for Pound” (of thrust,perhaps? It was, after all, by The Fireburners… ) So Space Month continues for the next two weeks… tune in and stay tuned!

7/17/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Dale Handeen
Producer: Paul Brohaugh

7/17/2014 Democracy Now!
7/17/2014 Northern Sun News
7/17/2014 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
7/17/2014 African Rhythms

The two tracks we played by Rwandan Inanga virtuoso Sophie Nzayisenga are from a 21-song album recorded by Vanderbilt University musicologist Gregory Barz, and posted to the Global Music Archive site for free downloading. In addition to the music, the site offers extensive liner notes and a 38-minute video documentary about Sophie’s life and music. The Rwanda full-length fiction film featuring Sophie’s music is “Matière Grise,” or “Gray Matter.” Directed by emerging filmmaker Kivu Ruhorahoza, it won two awards at the 2011 Tribeca Festival (Best Actor & Best new director). Careful internet searching will reveal several options for purchasing or streaming the film, depending on what subtitles and formats you prefer.

7/17/2014 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show

Kristina brings together a flock of cantes that all called some sort of guajira on their CD jackets, but not all of them are recognisable as gaujiras…though all of them sway like guajiras…