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THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCREPI 14 (10/23/14) Get your PRAISE on with Tonia, Sara, ABC Youth, Maria, Bensonwells, Wynand, 3 Pete and other favorites!

La Paquera de Jerez opens this week's show, and Mariana de Cadiz closes it, with Argentina, Esperanza Fernandez and Marina Heredia holding up the midsection quite admirably.

Features new music and guest ‪‎Anthonia‬, the creator of Minneapolis music & events blog,

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COLIN SHARES PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AGAIN — What's the link between the photographs of Francesco Mellina and the tunes of Silicon Teens, Buzzcocks, The Eurythmics, Ronan Keating, and My Chemical Romance? Dance your way through this week's mix of hormones and energy, trysts and ideals to find a youthful solution for episode 33 of TMOYM.

Music from India, Basque, Ukraine, Cuba, South Africa, Mali, Jamaica, and more!

New music from The Very Best, Songhoy Blues, Buena Vista Social Club and Niyaz plus plenty of vintage and new soukous, rumba, chicha, reggae, desert blues and more on today's African Rhythms.

<p>Juliette Silvers and Sam Jasmine interview Sharon Elder about Oral Hull&#8217;s retreats for the visually impaired.</p>