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4/13/2014 Century Song

Today we had special guests, Corazon en la Mano…Stefanie Levi and James Allen performing Sephardic Jewish music.

4/13/2014 Wave Project -- Connect the Dots: Record Store Day Special
4/13/2014 Khmers in Minnesota
4/13/2014 La Voz Del Pueblo
4/13/2014 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program

Music program as listed here.  Announced the total pledges received and inform and encourage every one to contibute to support KFAI beyond pledge days.

4/13/2014 Somalida Maanta
4/13/2014 Eritrean Community Radio
4/13/2014 Voices Of Ethiopia
4/13/2014 Voice Of Oromiyaa