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Some Cajun. and Zydeco with a big helping of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Celebrating their centenial of first in Jazz recording.

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In 2015, Asma Jama was dining with her family in an Applebee’s restaurant in Coon Rapids when she was attacked – hit in the face with a beer mug thrown by another customer.  Jama’s attacker, Jodie Burchard-Risch, was upset because Jama, a Somali immigrant to the United States,  wasn’t speaking English.  


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HmongFM special broadcast of the first forum with Saint Paul's five Mayoral candidates:

Elizabeth Dickinson

Tom Goldstein

Pat Harris

Melvin Carter III

Dai Thao 

Wameng and Kathy ask questions they gathered from listeners and community members to get to know the candidates and why they should be the next Mayor of Saint Paul. 

Two Peters, a Bobby, a Mike, an Al, a Ray.  Meet a Cheetah, a flock of Bouncing Birds,  a Lost Bull.  Take time out of your busy day to smell the pretty little forest flowers planted along your path. (603)

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