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Sorry, folks… no audio archive of this episode will EVER exist (unless it was home-recorded by listeners),  as the Power Cut-astrophe that hit KFAI 46min. into ATB killed the board, the decks, the engineering bay, the transmitter, the so-called "Uninterruptable Power Supply",  the wi-fi, the website, EVERYTHING but the house lights. This DJ Weston East-generated playlist is all the evidence that exists of one weird night. How weird?

The Transition Town movement is growing in the Twin Cities—a movement of practical preparation for the (now inevitable) results of climate change. Hear RUSS HENRY (owner of the organic company Giving Tree Gardens) and candidate for one of three at-large positions on the MINNEAPOLIS PARK BOARD. www.russhenryfor minneapolisparks.org


Episode 40 – Grasping in the Darkness

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