January 2012 KFAI Weekly News Archives

1/6/2012 KFAI Weekly News
  • State Senate District 59 Candidates Kari Dziedzic (DFL) and Ben Schwanke (Rep)
  • Givens Foundation African-American Literature Collection
  • State House District 61B Candidates Susan Allen (DFL) and Nathan Blumenshine (Respect)
  • Ft. Snelling To Hudson Bay Canoe Trip
1/13/2012 KFAI Weekly News
  • Immigration Policy with attorney Jenny Zanner
  • Urban League President Scott Gray
  • North Minneapolis Photo Exhibit
  • Voter Photo ID with Kathy Bonnifield of CEI-MN
  • Sam Jasmine’s Dart Master
  • Mt. Olivet Elder Childcare
  • Soren Jensen – Midtown Greenway Coalition
1/20/2012 KFAI Weekly News
  • Legislative Preview with Marty Owings
  • Marv Davidoff Remembered
  • Naomi Tutu
  • Cinema Shanty
  • Justin Kaufenberg, U.S. Pond Hockey Championships
1/27/2012 KFAI Weekly News
  • Pamela Rogers, Second Chance Coalition
  • Willie Lloyd, Summit Academy OIC
  • Mitch Berg, Voter Photo ID
  • August Berkshire & Eric Jayne, Minnesota Atheists
  • Cinema Shanty with Kathie Smith and Peter Schilling
  • Ron Gerber, Crap From The Past