July 2011 KFAI Weekly News Archives

7/1/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Marty Owings and Representatives Jim Abeler-R and Erin Murphy-D discuss how to move forward in the wake of the shutdown.
  • Cinema Shanty brings us a new documentary film that takes a close-up look at the New York Times.
  • Bob Hines and Amanda Balagur talk with Mary DeLaittre and Don Ganje about developments on the riverfront in the Twin Cities.
7/8/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Mike Christenson and Louis King join Bob in studio to discuss North Minneapolis tornado relief efforts.
  • Five Local chefs square off in a Sambusa Cook-off.
  • Government Shutdown Update with Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings.
7/15/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • We speak with Tom Horner, who ran for Governor of Minnesota in 2010 and has been outspoken about the need for Minnesota to come up with long term budget answers.
  • A look at the history of racism in Minneapolis through the story of the Lee Family of South Minneapolis.
  • Hennepin Theater Trust president Tom Hoke speaks about turning Hennepin Avenue through downtown Minneapolis into an “arts corridor”.
7/22/2011 KFAI Weekly News
7/29/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Host Bob Hines talks with Mohamed Idris , executive director of the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa – a Minnesota-based organization that is one of the few to have workers “on the ground” in Somalia.
  • We also hear from Nancy Lindborg, Assistant Administrator for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance with U.S.A.I.D. She met with members of the Somali Community in Minnesota this week to discuss relief efforts in the Horn of Africa.
  • A conversation with Professor David Shultz of Hamline University on the topic “Is Compromise Dead?”
  • Cinema Shanty features a conversation about alternatives to Netflix, and we also hear about a unique outdoor film festival in Minneapolis next month – the Indigenous Music and Movies Festival.