March 2011 KFAI Weekly News Archives

3/4/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Planned Parenthood faces challenges in the wake of legislation to cut federal funding to the organization. Christina Kolar reports.
  • Local beer brewer Surly proposes new expanded facility, but state law prohibits the project. Story by Noel Clark
  • KFAI’s Aaron Mendelson interviews Fourth District Representative Betty McCollum, who opposes efforts in the House of Representatives to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
3/11/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Allison Herrera speaks with Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People about the Native Community’s response to the sweat lodge trial of James Arthur Ray.
  • In observance of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire’s 100th anniversary, KFAI hosts a discussion with Workday Minnesota Editor Barb Kucera, Macalester Prof. Peter Rachleff, and Jewish Community Action’s Lauren Bastien.
  • Christina Kolar speaks with Susan Mau Larson, the director of Lifesource Health professionals, about a program called “Barbershop Conversations”.
3/18/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • A new transfer facility for household hazardous waste is proposed for a former industrial property in Northeast Minneapolis. KFAI’s Christina Kolar reports.
  • Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings brings us the latest from the legislature.
  • Professor William Beeman, native Yemeni Abdullah Deban, and Adel of Libya speak with host Bob Hines about the state of affairs in the Mid-East.
3/25/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Rep. Jim Abeler {R} and Rep. Erin Murphy {DFL} join host Bob Hines to discuss Health and Human Services Funding.
  • Christina Kolar reports on a new Waste Transfer Facility in Northeast Minneapolis.