February 2011 KFAI Weekly News Archives

2/4/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Christina Kolar covers English-Only Legislation that could change the language of Govt. business.
  • Raw Milk availability faces new bill to allow farmers to sell at markets, deliver to customers, and to private buying clubs. Jessica Folker reports.
  • Latino culture in St. Paul’s District Del Sol to be preserved for future generations. Story by Maria Almli.
2/11/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • KFAI Weekly News will be preempted by a special 2 hour edition of Democracy Now! covering the developments in Egypt. KFAI Weekly News will not air this week.
2/18/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Special Agent in Charge Ralph Boelter speaks to KFAI’s Ahndi Fridell about his high-profile FBI cases, such as the Somali-American Travelers and the raids during the RNC.
  • In-studio guests Sherri Knuth of the League of Women Voters and Prof. Max Hailperin of Citizens for Election Integrity MN discuss proposed Voter ID legislation.
  • Michelle Bruch reports on the University of Minnesota Agriculture Experiment Station.
2/25/2011 KFAI Weekly News

KFAI hosts a special day of programming for Black History Month. During this hour, you can hear Communiversity: The Education of African Children, hosted by Anura Si-Asar

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