January 2011 KFAI Weekly News Archives

1/7/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Capitol update with Marty Owings.
  • In depth look at sexual abuse of children by some members of clergy.
  • Cinema Shanty.
1/14/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Interview with Keith Ellison regarding his Congress on the Corner event.
  • African Americans in Science with Paul Mohrbacher and Anura Si-Asar.
  • Daniel Wordsworth, President of the American Refugee Fund, speaks on the 1 year anniversary of Haiti earthquake.
1/21/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Report on Sculpture controversy in Martin Luther King Park in St. Paul.
  • 150 Minnesotans travel to Chicago to protest a visit by Chinese president Hu Jintao.
  • Excerpt from Newark Mayor Corey Booker’s MLK Day speech.
1/28/2011 KFAI Weekly News
  • Susan Gray reports on anti-war protesters at FBI hq in Minneapolis.
  • Reporter Karen Hollish explains how she broke the story on terrorism investigations.
  • A discussion on the current events in Egypt.