March 2014 MinneCulture Archives

3/5/2014 MinneCulture

KFAI celebrates exceptional women during the month of March in recognition of International Women’s Day. Tonight, MinneCulture presents an audio documentary entitled Rosalie Wahl: Minnesota’s first female Supreme Court Justice.

In 1977, the Women’s Movement scored a major victory with Roe v. Wade, but Congress failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. In Minnesota, a pro-life Catholic governor and a public defender, poet and mother of four would make state history when Rudy Perpich appointed Rosalie Wahl as Minnesota’s first female Supreme Court Justice. Britt Aamodt examines one of Minnesota’s most significant heroes in women’s history. Featuring Lori Sturdevant, author of “Her Honor: Rosalie Wahl & the Minnesota Women’s Movement,” and Betty Wilson, author of “Rudy! The People’s Governor.”

3/12/2014 MinneCulture

MinneCulture celebrates International Women’s Day with special documentaries during the month of March. Tonight it’s an encore performance of Charlotte Ouisconsin Clark Van Cleve, produced by Bobbie Scott.

Charlotte Ouisconsin Clark Van Cleve was a remarkable woman who left a legacy in Minnesota. A newborn Charlotte arrived here in 1819, when her father landed with the Fifth Infantry to construct Fort Snelling. Spending her formative years at remote military posts instilled in Charlotte a love of the flag, and throughout her life she exemplified strong patriotism and an altruistic nature. She raised a large family, and after the Civil War, founded Bethany Home—a safe-haven for “fallen” girls and women. Charlotte served tirelessly as the president of Bethany Home for more than twenty years, often taking unpopular stands in support of those she called her “girls.” Despite her sometimes controversial opinions, Charlotte was a beloved and respected member of the community throughout her long life. This MinneCulture documentary was produced by Bobbie Scott, with production assistance by Nancy Sartor. Special thanks to Sabrina Crews, Lisa Day, Ron Grogg, Christine and Jeff Nordin, and the Historic Fort Snelling Fife and Drum Corps.

3/19/2014 MinneCulture

Circle of the Witch
Produced by Andy Driscoll & Tom O’Connell

Circle of the Witch was a nonprofit theater company that formed in 1973. For five years it functioned as a political performance group, exploring the relationship between theater and feminism. This audio documentary was produced for KFAI by Andy Driscoll and Tom O’Connell. For more information on Circle of the Witch, visit the Minnesota Historical Society.

3/26/2014 MinneCulture

Chastity Brown performs at the Cedar Cultural Center. For more information, visit her website.