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New Primitives perform.

8/17/2011 MinneCulture

Caponi Art Park
Produced by Michelle Alimordai

Caponi Art Park is a natural and artistic oasis in Eagan, Minnesota. The park is the vision of Tony Caponi, who literally carved it out of his own back yard. Caponi Art Park is open to the public seasonally, May through October, from 9am to 7pm. Summer programs like Family Fun Tuesdays are scheduled from June through August. For more information, visit Caponi Art Park on facebook, or go to

8/15/2011 MinneCulture

The History of Twin Cities Variety Theater
Produced by Michelle Alimoradi & Judith McKenzie

In the early 20th century, Vaudeville and Burlesque shows reigned supreme for live entertainment. As a major stop along the rail lines, the Twin Cities hosted some of the biggest touring productions to cross the country. Over the years, Minneapolis and St. Paul have built rich theatrical communities based on these traditions.

Today many Twin Cities artists honor tradition by incorporating elements of variety theater in contemporary productions. In this documentary, producers Michelle Alimoradi and Judith McKenzie follow the history of variety theater in the Twin Cities. Meet 93-year-old vaudeville performer and Minneapolis resident Bob Boucher, local historians, and modern Twin Cities variety artists, including Patrick Scully (Patrick’s Cabaret) and Nadine DuBois (Lili’s Burlesque Revue).

8/10/2011 MinneCulture

Yesterday’s Revolution: The 78rpm Record Scene”:
Produced by Todd Melby

Lots of folks are into vinyl these days. Some people are even making mix tapes again. But if you really want to embrace obscure, seemingly dead media, there’s no better way to do it than to buy 78 rpm records. This documentary takes listeners inside the rarefied world of 78 record enthusiasts, including Greg Carr, former KFAI “Dig Out the Roots” DJ, and Scott Holthus, owner of Vintage Music Company in Minneapolis. Holthus owns hundreds of thousands of 78 records and he refurbishes the machines that plays them.

8/8/2011 MinneCulture

The Last Reel: Minnesota’s Drive-In Theaters”:
Produced by Todd Melby

They had names like The Cinebuff, the Bronco, The Maple Leaf, The Sunset. They were the drive-in movie theaters of Minnesota. Once, there were more than 80 outdoor movie theaters in the Gopher State. Today, only a handful remain, including the Sky-Vu in Warren and the Starlite 5 in Litchfield. Grab your popcorn, get in the car and join us for a tour of drive-in movie theaters of Minnesota. Produced by Todd Melby.