September 2012 The Morning Blend Archives

9/17/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Guest Programmer, Janis Lane-Ewart, hosts The Morning Blend.

9/18/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Guest, Pete Lee, Host Of Bop Street

9/19/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Liberty Finch, co-host of the Pop Shop, joins Dale Connelly, Mike Fischbein and Flor Frey on KFAI’s Morning Blend. Sprinkling sunshine, powerpop and psych sounds throughout this morning’s newscast. Tune in!

9/20/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Guest DJs Sabrina Crews & Emily Krumberger spin some old school female r&b and soul tunes for your waking-up ears: Love & Heartache in the AM.

9/21/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Guest, David Cummings, Host of Rockin'in Rhythm

9/24/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

News Host – Shannon Jankowski
Music Hosts – Ron Thums and Jean Silverberg (form hosts of KFAI’s Radio Rumpus Room)
Producer – Dale Connelly

9/25/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Feature: “Minneapolis Nursing Home Recognized for Taking Residents on Vacation,”: produced by Susan Gray.

When people move into nursing homes they tend to assume their days of taking vacations are over. Not at the Camden Care Center in Minneapolis where the staff has put vacations back on the calendar. Audio Producer Susan Gray learned from residents and staff there’s benefits to escaping the daily grind at any age.

9/26/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

News Director, Dale Connelly, hosts & produces The Morning Blend.

9/27/2012 KFAI's Morning Show
9/28/2012 KFAI's Morning Show

Guest, Bill Cottman, Host of Mostly Jazz