November 2017 Spin with Cyn Archives

"First Avenue: Mainroom" author Chris Riemenschneider and editor Josh Leventhal joined, celebrating the release of this book published by MN Historical Society Press. They shared music of artists featured in the book and stories about working on it.

Yanomamos's Tim Piotrowski and Miss Jane Mansfield joined as special guests, sharing songs from their brand new "Yanomamos Comes Alive" record, and favorites and sharing stories about performing in Yanomamos with drummer Grant Hart, and the Minneapolis music scene 80s and now!

Guest Hastings 3000 spun from his new "Invasive Species" record, and shared stories. During the 2nd hour, his bandmates G-Biz and Sarah Mew, and release party emcee Ian Rans joined sharing fave songs and stories.