January 2017 Spin with Cyn Archives

Big Trouble House founding members, Phil Harder and Derek Hoppe joined, spinning their music, collaborations and favorite artists. They shared stories about their band, Harder's music videos and filmmaking and more! We also spun artists who have passed in 2017.

Dave Gatchell of Bug Fix and DJ Christian Fritz (owner of Mpls. Ltd. label) joined Spin with Cyn, spinning favorites and sharing stories!


Romantica's Tony Zaccardi and Danger Dave Strahan joined Spin with Cyn, celebrating Romantica's forthcoming release, "Shadowlands."

KFAI Spin with Cyn guest DJ Jeffrey Fortson returned tonight with a very fun theme: "It was a hit then, but would it be a hit now?" Fortson is a professional arts, editorial and portrait photographer. He DJ'ed in Los Angeles from 1983-1993 at different clubs around the city, including Club Mu (Hollywood), The Improv (Santa Monica) and Club Sandwich (DT Los Angeles). His first job in the mid 70s was as a second engineer at Media Sound in Manhattan, a popular studio with artist signed to CBS records