December 2013 Spin with Cyn Archives

Cheat Day (formerly Barfly) lead Graham Herceg joined, spinning songs from new and older records as well as favorites, and stories stories of the punk and alt-rock scene over the years.

Matt Werner, aka DJ Dig Dug and Treehouse Records staff spun favorites. Comedian Mary Mack and Punk Poet Paul D. Dickinson joined us the 2nd hour to share songs, poems and comedy in advance of Mary Mack’s Holiday Show and Meat Raffle and Dog Sweater contest at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Legendary alt-rock band Run Westy Run members joined Spin with Cyn, sharing songs and stories in advance of their 2 sold-out reunion shows, their first in 15 years!

Best of 2013 records local and non-local. Sean Anonymous and Phillip Morris (and Morris’s kids) joined during the 2nd hour to spin their new, and unreleased music, plus a few faves in advance of Sean Anon’s Birthday celebration performance at First Avenue on Saturday.