August 2010 Spin with Cyn Archives

8/3/2010 Spin with Cyn

Magic Castles’Jason Edmonds and Jeremiah Doering joined Spin with Cyn, spinning favorite psychedelic, trippy blues and alt-rock classics

8/10/2010 Spin with Cyn

Sneaky Pete Bauer and Meg Ashling joined me the first hour, and Danny Sigelman and Jon Davis spun during the second hour.

8/24/2010 Spin with Cyn

Bedlam Blast and special guest Knol Tate’s ’80s and Satellite Voices Blast

8/31/2010 Spin with Cyn

Bedlam Blast Part 2. A Farewell to Bedlam Theatre.

8/17/2010 Spin with Cyn

Nightinghales members joined Spin with Cyn, performing songs live, spinning favorite vinyl and interviewing.