February 2012 Live From Studio 5! Archives

Fairfax AK, The Town You Never Heard of.

But it's a BAND you should be hearing more of in the near future. They just came out with their first album and it was our pleasure to bring it to you "LIVE From Studio 5!"


Venus DeMars Not Only Solo But Acoustic.

And you heard it here first. Just Venus, her acoustic guitar and she carried the evening. It was a six string guitar but I swear it sounded like a twelve string…you decide.  You can listen to that show in its entirety just by clicking here: https://archive.org/details/85VenusDeMars

The Hummingbirds.

The Smooth Jazz of Firebell

This band features Park Evans on guitar, Graydon Peterson on bass and Jay Epstein on drums.

Click here to listen to this show on our PERMANENT archives:  https://archive.org/details/87FIREBELL

Moondogs 88 on Show #88 – What a Coincidence!

I didn't realize it until now that the Moondogs 88 are on our 88th "Live From Studio 5!" show. Count 'em Eighty-freaking-Eight shows in the can. Seems like only yesterday…..

And what a fine job they did.