November 2010 Live From Studio 5! Archives

We kicked off our TWENTY SECOND show with Livid Lover accompanied by "Floozie".  (Wait a minute!  That didn't sound right.  The show was actually longer than twenty seconds.)

Pictures of Then really blew us away!  Pictures of Then entertained us and by the time the show was over the whole building was shaking. These guys ROCK! Check out the band's website here

Another two-fer tonight: TWO bands for the price of NONE.

El Lay Faunt and His Traveling Circus  AND

Jezebel Jones & Her Wicked Ways.

Oh what a night!

Faces & Radio is back for a full show.

After a cameo appearance a few weeks ago doing a couple of acoustic numbers in Studio 4, Faces & Radio graduated to Studio 5 for a full program. They sure sounded great! Give a listen and check them out on their band page here: