February 2012 Radio Pocho Archives

2/1/2012 Radio Pocho

Special “Ghetto/Barrio/Streets” episode of Radio Pocho

2/8/2012 Radio Pocho

We have a wonderful night of rock, ska, and reggae coming up on tonight’s episode of Radio Pocho.

2/15/2012 Radio Pocho

DJ Ren gets jumped out of Radio Pocho, “Walk Proud” style.

2/22/2012 Radio Pocho

Checkalo! Tonight is the debut of one of new our monthly DJs, Mr. Terrell Webb. The set list is Hot Spicy Chidos, with that Tapatio…

2/29/2012 Radio Pocho

On this episode of Radio Pocho, our special guest is Rudy Avina, veteran DJ of the latin music scene in the Twin Cities, singer of the local group Tejano 2000, and of course, an avid listener of RP. Should be a great time of swapping tunes and war stories.