November 2011 Radio Pocho Archives

11/2/2011 Radio Pocho

Illuminous 2/3 Two thirds of Twin Cities hip hop group Illuminous 3 (Mavin MC; Freeze) visit the Radio Pocho studio to share some tracks of their latest EP Montessori (Available for download for free:

Enjoy some Jorge Ben, Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon, La Mafia, Rotary Connection, Musical Youth, Grace Jones, Inner Circle and much much more…

11/9/2011 Radio Pocho

You Don’t Want None of This! We strut our way into the Disco dancefloor. This episode comes packed with wah wah guitars, four on the floor beats and psychedelic drum breaks. So strap on your neglected platform boots, squeeze into your hip hugging jeans and dance dance dance…

11/16/2011 Radio Pocho

Live and Die in L.A. On this episode of Radio Pocho DJ Ren busts out a dedication to his hometown, Los Angeles.

11/23/2011 Radio Pocho

Going solo DJ Miguel Vargas flies solo on this episode where we feature music by George Harrison, Julieta Venegas, Xuxa, Enanitos Verdes, and much much more….

11/30/2011 Radio Pocho

“Midnight Radio en Estyle” On this episode of Radio Pocho we feature special guest Midnight Radio, an L.A. based electro rock group. You’ll hear cuts off of their latest EP (available at and a guest DJ set by band member Thenmozhi Soundararajan.

In addition, DJ Miguel Vargas and DJ Ren bring back the “Pocho” word of the week and drop two musical sets with the theme of Run & Pocho. Check it out ese.