July 2011 Radio Pocho Archives

7/6/2011 Radio Pocho

Funky Sensations On thie episode of Radio Pocho we get experimental with the jams. If we could bottle up Radio Pocho and give it away as a song it would probably sound something like the Nortec Collective song we feature.

Additional Ocote Soul Sounds, Gwen Mcrae, Taana Gardner and some salsa cuts by Los Adolescentes, the Latin Brothers and even a merengue by Olga Tañon. Enjoy poch@s.

7/13/2011 Radio Pocho

Sandra Velasquez of Pistolera We are excited and happy to feature Sandra Velasquez, lead singer of the Brooklyn based band Pistolera. She joins us to talk about their new album El Desierto y la Ciudad and also provides a guest DJ set with music from Gil Scott Heron, Pink Floyd, Manu Chao, and Los Hermanos Flores.

DJ Miguel Vargas and DJ Ren hit you up with some electro cumbia by DJ Lengua and Sidesteppers as well as the always mandatory The Smiths. Additional music from Funkadelic, Al McCall, Victor Jara, Los Gatos, and Aretha Franklin.

7/20/2011 Radio Pocho

To commemorate our heatwave tropical, there are songs about heat, summer, the sun, and the beach.

7/27/2011 Radio Pocho

Subbing as guest host for DJ Ren is America’s favorite roommate, Juan Rangel.