May 2011 Radio Pocho Archives

5/11/2011 Radio Pocho

A chicano, peruano and a blaxican walk into a bar… On this episode of RP DJ Miguel Vargas is joined by special guest DJs Terrell Webb and Pierangelo Rossi. Let the fun begin.

5/25/2011 Radio Pocho

Toki Wright On this episode of Radio Pocho we bring you some special cuts produced by the famous Minneapolis duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Toki Wright calls in to talk about Galactic Soul Lounge (Thurs. May 26th 10pm @Cause Sound Bar)

PLUS the Pocho Word of the Week….listen in to find out what it is…

Reclaiming Roots thru Musica.

5/4/2011 Radio Pocho

“Call Me Big Quarters” You ever reminisce to the days when all you had was a seven digit number and a couple of quarters to call that special someone. On this episode of Radio Pocho we bring you some telephone jams from The Boys, New Edition, Blondie, Timbiriche, El Gran Combo, La Sonora Dinamita, Jorge Ben and plenty plenty more….

Joining us in the studio this evening is Big Quarters, Twin Cities hip hop duo made up of Medium Zach and Brandon Allday. We get a chance to hear some old BQ that was never released as well as cuts that will be featured on their next album “Party Like A Young Commie”. Both Zach and Brandon have produced beats and remixes that you’ll hear on tonight’s episode with songs by Brother Ali, Slug of Atmosphere, Low, and Mankwe Ndosi.

Lastly find out about Radio Pocho’s next edition of Saturday Love at Ginger Hop Restaurant.

5/18/2011 Radio Pocho

“Ghetto Pocho Power featuring Rambo Salinas” We got this happy feelin on Radio Pocho tonight with the return of DJ Ren from New York. So to celebrate we drop some of our favorite cuts from NY.

We also invite Rambo Salinas of Hot Pants crew to share his favorite rolas. The next edition of Hot Pants is coming up Friday May 20th at the Nomad 9:30pm and on…

Plus the Pocho Word of the Week. Checkalo ese.