March 2011 Radio Pocho Archives

3/1/2011 Radio Pocho

Musica Con Ritmo Machin! Checka the latest episode of RP where we ask the question, How come there ain’t no brothaz and sistaz winning at the Oscars?

We bring you musica con ritmo machin with some cumbiatron from Los Master Plus, some sweet soul by Sunny the Sunliners and a jam to promote body slams by Teddy Pendergrass.

And of course there’s more but you gotta listen to find out ese.

3/29/2011 Radio Pocho
3/15/2011 Radio Pocho

“Memories of El Pocho” On this episode of RP we give our fellow Pochas Erica & Amy some felicitaciones for their engagements. (We send our condolences to their boyfriends…just kidding) Also a SPECIAL announcement regarding the future of Radio Pocho.

Musically we have some classic rolas from the 60s and a cameo by Huggie Boy (DJ Miguel Vargas thinks it’s Huggie Bear). Mellow Man Ace and Lighter Shade of Brown remind us that Pochos also rap.

And real talk…R Kelly showers us with his latest single “When A Woman Loves”.

3/22/2011 Radio Pocho

“Radio Pocho Episode 37: The Return of Engineer Sean” for all the Pochistas out there wondering what happened to Engineer Sean, no we didn’t jump him out of the clicka. Hear about his amazing trip to the exotic Northern Mexico village of “Los Angeles”.

On to the musica…we have some sacrilegious boogie by Detroit based Sins of Satan as well as some funkie jams by Tierra and Loose Ends.

Making her first appearance on Radio Pocho…Mariah Carey!!! Yes you read that right. Mariah Carey. (This is pre-Heartbreakers and Glitter Mariah)

Roberto Anglero lets us know what the barrios would be like “Si Dios fuera Negro” (If God was Black). Otras buenas salsas by The Lebron Brothers, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Alfredo Linares.

Finally we close out the noche with Keith Sweat “Make it Last Forever”….I wish we could.

Til next week Poch@s.