February 2011 Radio Pocho Archives

2/1/2011 Radio Pocho

Martin Perna, Brandon Allday, and music On this episode of Radio Pocho, Martin Perna of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Ocote Soul Sounds joins us over the phone to share unreleased music, talk about his musical influences and his amazing community activism.

Our special co-host for the evening, Brandon Allday of Big Quarters joins us in the studio to share the latest news from BQ and to share some new cuts from their upcoming album Party Like A Young Commie.

Don’t forget to come out to Radio Pocho’s new monthly show at the Ginger Hop Restaurant, Saturday Love the best sing-a-long hits from 60s-90s. Next show is Saturday Feb 6th 10pm to close.

2/8/2011 Radio Pocho

A Quien No Le Gusta Eso?! Who doesn’t like this?

This is the episode of Los with music from Los Tigres del Norte, Los Lobos, Los Fugitivos, Los Fabulosos Cuatro, Los Dells, Los Manhattans, and Los Sylvers. (Ok the last three were really the but this is Radio Pocho, we conjugate in spanish.

Ray Parker Jr. teaches how us the 12 ways to make love to a woman, while Michael Wycoff has us Lookin Up to You. Other funk jams by Prince, Final Edition, and Kenny Lynch keep the body pumpin.

Our winter blues kick in with a funky pop track by Los Joao, Vamos a la playa (oh oh oh ooooh). Sabes que, with below zero temperatures outside the studio, we had to make it hot over the airwaves with our version of Quiet Storm where you either hit the streets or hit the sheets.

2/15/2011 Radio Pocho

Bubbles of Love on this Valentine’s Day edition of Radio Pocho we would like to be a fish so we can touch our fishnose on your fishbowl. Then blow bubbles of love all over the place.

Oh yeah that’s a word for word translation of the first verse of Juan Luis Guerra’s Burbujas de Amor. Trust us, sounds firme in spanish.

But it’s not all soft in the head. We’ve got some jams for the vatos going Hans Solo this Valentines. Teddy, Lenny, and Chente will make you say, I have something in my eye ese.

2/22/2011 Radio Pocho

Due to a computer error, mp3 archives for this broadcast are not available. The problem has been addresses and will resume as normal for next week.

The Real Audio Archives are still available to listen to.

Old School Miguel, New School Steven On this episode of Radio Pocho we hit you with some classic funk and tejano cuts! Chale, that’s my jam

But watch out vatos vatas, some of the rolas are only as old as the lil homies born in the last year.